Sustainable Wedding Dresses That Looks Awesome

It is no longer possible to ignore the reality of climate change. Therefore, when planning their wedding day, brides turn to sustainability, including the selection of sustainable wedding dresses.

Although this does not seem to be the matter with the beautiful images found online, the wedding industry contributes to pollution. According to the Green Bride Guide, the Average wedding produces 63 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, in addition to 400 pounds of waste.

Sustainable decoration, clothing, and wedding practices can help reduce this contribution to pollution and climate change in general. Brides and wedding designers recognize this, resulting in a huge boost for dresses made locally with organic materials and consuming less energy in production.

However, sustainability is not only about the environment. It also extends to practices that are harmful to other people and animals. Sustainable by definition means “maintaining something at a certain level or at a certain rate”. Although this is vague in terms of the environment, work and animals, it means keeping production and consumption at a level that does not cause any damage or burnout.

Due to the focus on fairer treatment across the sector, specific problems have been highlighted. The treatment of textile workers continues to be addressed, especially when considering affordable imports (which also contribute to harmful toxins entering the environment). In addition, the use of animal skins or by-products has recently been put to the test with the growing popularity of veganism. All this has brought the need for sustainability into the minds of many brides.

As a result, when it comes to which dress to buy for their big day, brides are looking for brands that put sustainability and ethical practices at the heart of their business.

Although there are many sustainable and environmentally friendly wedding brands, we have selected three to profile them, which have great market launches. They are sustainable dress designer Sanyukta Shrestha, a sustainable palette Rewritten edition and the first eco-friendly dress of the iconic Australian bridal brand, thanks loves lace.

The creator of the PETA Luxury Vegan wedding Award, Sanyutka Shrestha, is launching her 2022 collection, the Vegan Dream.

It is inspired by Lewis Carol’s Narnia, especially because it represents the deep bond and Harmony between man, nature, and animals.

“For a bride, it is so important to feel comfortable, naturally beautiful, and confident in her wedding dress while remaining true to her faith and personality, and I think this collection reflects these elements and the different aspects of the Sanyukta Shrestha woman who respects the world around her with compassion,” says Sanyukta.

The collection does not contain animal products and is handmade by artisans in Nepal. It is made from 100% fair trade bamboo, 100% organic cotton, and vegan eco-fiber made of cellulose.

The Designs can also be inspired by nature because they are fluid pieces that act without much noise.


Rewritten is one of the most avant-garde bridesmaid dresses brands in London. They are expanding their range with a new bridal cut.

This revolutionary capsule collection includes Designs made in London from recycled and organic materials. Each dress is made of 100% recycled Satin and bio-Peace silk.

The designers Katie Arnott and Frances Cookson have made sure to bring their characteristic style to the line, which is only available for a limited edition. It has three unique dresses and a silk top that accompanies two of them.

Named after three iconic singers, Simone, Billy, and Joni, all rely on clean lines and simplicity.


Australian brand Grace Loves Lace is launching its first eco-friendly wedding dress. The unique and durable piece is made of 96% recycled materials.

The dress is called Lumi and is handmade in the Australian Studio. Founder and creative director Megan Ziems wanted to avoid the use of new materials as much as possible.

“We were inspired to use materials that would have been discarded otherwise and to use modern technology to create a beautiful wedding dress that is so important,” Ziems said.

In addition to the Lumi dress, they have a 100% tulle and lace veil. This means that a bride can make sure that her whole Ensemble is environmentally friendly.

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