Stereotypical English Garden Wedding

Transforming a nightingale garden of Florence into a heavenly vision of the rose in an ode to the beauty of English gardens. An arch overflow with flowers welcomes guests in this enchanting union of Elliot and Tamara. For those looking for inspiration for a quintessentially English garden wedding, there’s no better place to start than this blooming, overflow editorial.

The Location: Nestled in the Buckinghamshire countryside, the picturesque Claydon Estate Park offers an idyllic setting for anyone who wants to pursue their dream of a wedding in an English garden. The marquee has been the ancestral home of the Verney family for more than 400 years and the newlyweds are now invited to host their wedding celebrations in the many blooming gardens.

The ambiance: Elegant, timeless and romantic. The soft colors rouge, pink rose and ivory reflect the variety of tones that can be found in an English country garden. The floral design used sweet pink peonies, garden roses, sweet peas, buttercups and stocks to create natural and elegant arrangements to complement your English garden environment.

Details: Tamara looked ethereal in two fairy-tale dresses from Stephanie Allin in combination with three divine headdresses from Rachel Chaprunne. The ribbon of our wedding shoes from di Hassel corresponded to the palette of dreamy pink colors of the day. Elliot looked dapper in a linen and moon wool suit. This was paired with a navy herringbone tweed vest and tie with a Liberty floral print and a pocket square from Cotswold. The table was decorated with fine, delicate porcelain and sparkling cut glass to elegantly match exquisite stationery and soft wavy silk and ribbon.

Tips and highlights:

A touch of rose was collected from the candles of Ester and Erik, which were scattered along with the table for height. For those who want to imitate this color palette, avoid using only pale tones, as they may get lost.

The fabulous four-tiered cake was adorned with gorgeously carved sugar flowers and framed by a floral display, including vineyards and wildflowers that gracefully wrap around the arch to match the garden theme of this wedding.

For a wedding in an English garden, use seasonal flowers so that they become a beautiful continuation of the surroundings.

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