Spring Park Wedding At The Maxwell House Looks Brilliant

This beautiful ceremony is inspired by everything natural. The delicate and effortless beauty of spring-inspired planning and furnishing. With a palette of blush, mint, lemon and orange, inspired by sorbets, this spring wedding was a classic and sweet romance.

The Location: The Maxwell House is a historic event space in the heart of Old Town Pasadena, California. Built-in 1929 on the property of the Hotel Vista del Arroyo in an elegant and timeless Italian Mediterranean style, the Maxwell House is full of unique and historical charm.

The ambiance: a boutique-style wedding in the secret flower garden, bathed in pretty pastel shades. A modern but appreciated look. The ceremony was followed by a delicious and lively outdoor lunch on the terrace, preparing for the magnificent spring. Modern accents were complemented by the tray with the ghost chairs and the elegant loading plates made of pearlescent glass. Delicate colors and comfortable living room furniture, including a stunning blush velvet sofa, have created an inimitable sense of romance.

Details: Spring has also inspired the fragrance of the ceremony. This was achieved by some declaration flowers of Haus353, which are located against the beautiful secret garden of the place. The beautiful floral arrangements simply rehabilitated the already extraordinary natural landscaping that was in full bloom. The two-tiered wedding cake was delicately decorated with flowers that reflected the floral arrangements.


A season is much more than the weather. You can use a seasonal concept to design your color palette, decor, and even your wedding perfume.

Choose items that bring something unique to the day, such as the velvet lounge set up.

Most couples choose to have a wedding photographer present on their big day. But why not opt for something a bit different and have a live wedding painter like Alicia Anne capture your wedding on a canvas-perfect for a spring garden wedding!

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