Special Engagement Ring That Looks Gorgeous

Settings are features that can often be overlooked when looking for the perfect engagement ring. However, the setting plays a crucial role in determining the appearance and style of a ring.

Classic engagement ring settings include solitaire, halo, and cluster, each adding additional details, size, and charm to the overall design of the ring. While all this continues to be a popular framework among modern brides, some simply want something more out of the ordinary.

For all your couples looking for unique rings, we have compiled a list of our favorite alternative settings. Sit back, relax and discover incredible designs that will amaze you.


This incredible ring has caught the attention of many women this year. It dates back to the Victorian era, but not as a classic, as its unique counterpart.

If you know the traditional halo setting, you know how glamorous and dazzling the ring style is – now imagine the double glamour! A halo crimp has a ring of sparkling small diamonds set with cobblestones surrounding a central stone that makes it brighter than ever. A double halo crimping has two rings around the central diamond, rather than one.

Double halo settings can be added to almost any diamond size, giving the illusion of a larger central stone. Therefore, if you are looking for a ring that turns heads, then this setting is guaranteed to attract all the attention.


This environment is ideal for those who are looking for something special and unique. This is an unusual design in which the central stone is placed horizontally on the ribbon, rather than vertically, as is usually defined in more traditional styles.

When it comes to rings, we are used to seeing so many similar models – but it really is one that makes you stop and watch, which is why it is often chosen by those who want to make a statement.

Although all other elements of the ring, including band metal and diamond cut, are not new, the horizontal setting adds a contemporary touch.

An east-west crimping can be applied to both diamonds and precious stones in a number of different cuts, from pear to oval. However, one thing to note is that these elongated designs are often chosen for their ability to make the fingers thinner. But if it is set horizontally, this is not the matter.


Arianna Grande thrilled us when she unveiled her asymmetrical design engagement ring last year. Since the photo reached the gram, the ring has been in everyone’s minds. An asymmetrical ring setting is not something that comes to mind when thinking of engagement rings, but they can be incredibly chic and beautiful, as the pop princess proved.

An asymmetrical frame is a great way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Staggered patterns are usually carefully designed to lead the eye to the central stone or stones.

Of course, this will not be to everyone’s taste, especially if you are the one who strives for order and alignment, but for those who are looking for something as unique as their love story, this is certainly a framework to consider.


Also called trilogy rings, these are wonderfully designed to point out the past, the present and the future of a special society. This ring style is really a delicious and elegant way to express your love for each other.

You probably guessed by the name that this unique ring style has three stones on the band, with the central stone usually being larger than the one on either side. This ring style has been popular for several decades, but a recent resurgence of design can be associated with Meghan Markle’s spectatual piece.

If you are someone who wants to drip his finger with diamonds, this is the ring you need. On the front, diamonds are in the foreground, with very few of the metal band on stage.

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