Graceful Luxurious Destination Wedding In Portugal

Canadians Derek and Raquel knew that a wedding at the destination was the right choice for them. Raquel’s parents are from the Azores and she runs a family-run jewellery business importing Portuguese jewellery, so the couple had a clear connection to Portugal. When they let their guests fly to the other end of the world, they wanted to find a very special place. And they did it!

The place: Palácio Marquês de Fronteira is a private house-museum. It is still the residence of the Marquis, which gives an unusual life to most of the palaces, and it is a place full of hidden stories and treasures. Some of the rooms and rooms located inside the Palace of Fronteira, on the Terrace of Liberal Arts and in the gardens can be rented for various events, provided that these events do not affect the integrity and preservation of this historical monument. It has some of the most incredible tiles and so many meanings hidden in its screens that it is magical to reveal these little secrets. And if you don’t like it, the gardens and the palace itself, just 10 minutes from Lisbon, are simply stunning!

The ambience: Classic, elegant and full of palace charm. The only word to describe this wedding at the destination is EPIC. This event has been perfectly designed, from the look of the bridal party to the fabulous outdoor table landscape on the terrace. It was as much a celebration of Portugal as of Raquel and Derek, because the couple wanted to make sure that it was an evening that neither they nor their guests would forget in a hurry.

Details: the wedding invitations, created with stamp, were sealed with wax and accompanied by a sprig of rosemary in each envelope, complemented with a vintage Portuguese stamp from a collector that the couple discovered on Etsy. This note evoked the feeling of bringing Portugal to the guests from the very beginning. When they arrived in Portugal, Raquel and Derek took care of coordinating the establishment so that it corresponded to the size of the palace, without becoming too formal. They have incorporated Portuguese elements such as tiles that were offered to their guests, referring to the unique detail of the terrace of the palace.


Raquel is an art history graduate who loves art. By choosing the Palácio Marquês de Fronteira as the meeting place, the couple was able to incorporate a part of themselves into their wedding at the destination.

A formal place, such as a palace or a castle, does not mean that you can not let go and have fun with your guests. This marriage had the perfect balance between formal and fun. Raquel said: “It was an incredibly memorable and magical experience for us. It was a perfect day that had an excellent balance between an elegant and elegant affair that ended with an incredible party.”

The day of your wedding may pass and be completed before you know it. Remember a few devoted moments together to enjoy the day. Derek and Raquel left shortly after being greeted at their table by their guests at the reception. This was one of her most memorable moments of the day.

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