Brilliant Shades Of Purple At Wadley Farms Looks Rocking

This fairytale-inspired time in Utah was centered on a wonderful purple palette. Full of charm, this animated and stylized session by Heather Benge-from-Styled films Across America is heartfelt for romantics. With a charming plot, a ceremony next to a vineyard and an evening in a castle, this luxurious celebration has everything to offer!

The location: the picturesque farm of Wadley. This family business at the foot of the Timpanogos has been in operation for over 150 years. This wonderful procedure goes through several places, including a large castle (with a large hall with arched beams, a large fireplace and two grand staircases), two historical buildings, and 23-hectare gardens, vineyards and orchards.

The ambiance: quite traditional – this classic look will appeal to those who want a farmhouse frame, a white dress and elegant PURPLE accents.

Details: the ceremony was held outside the hall in a courtyard with a rectangular arch decorated with flowers. The magnificent floral arrangements consisted of various shades of purple, enhanced by lush vegetation. The eye-catching, hand-knotted bouquet was distinguished by its bright shades of red, plum and sapphire. The reception was immersed in lavender, from the tablecloth to the accents of the four-year wedding venues. All the luxurious lettering details on the location settings include lilli fonts.

Tips and highlights:

The classic white porcelain plates were made by timeless, clear champagne flutes and PURPLE Camilla mugs.

The unique four-year wedding cake used different floral textures, which fit well in the theme of the fairy tale. VIOLET and sapphire floral edible accents added a whimsical look.

Add dried twos and greens to them fresh centerpieces and floral arrangements for an enchanted forest look.

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