Bridal Skincare Ideas With Skin Expert

Any bride (or groom!) wants to feel beautiful and confident on her wedding day. No matter what your bridal style, glowing skin, and the flawless foundation are a must. We know, like every wedding detail, that getting your skin ready requires care and planning – that’s why we got advice from skincare expert Katherine Taylor, founder of Skin Gym, on what simple changes you can make to get glowing, glowing skin for your big day.

What are the most common problems that most brides come to you with and how to solve them?

I treat a lot of clients struggling with epidemics, which is so rewarding if we can improve the skin and their confidence before the big day. We treat epidemics with a holistic approach that takes into account internal and external factors. This can be both taking dietary supplements and topical skincare and responding to other factors such as Stress.

What products/ingredients do you think are beneficial to complete your Routine before a wedding?

First of all, I would recommend creating the basics. This would involve a Routine that starts with a cleanser formulated for your skin problem, vitamin A (retinol), a moisturizer, and always an SPF! The use of these products is a good starting point on which we rely on skin-specific boosters and serums and introduce ingredients such as peptides (to improve texture and elasticity), Alpha-hydroxyl acids (to exfoliate), and vitamin C (to protect antioxidants), even skin tone and radiance).

What advice would you give a summer bride compared to a winter bride regarding skincare and treatments that lead to the big day?

The skin of each client is unique, so my advice depends on how his skin changes from Season to Season. In general, however, the skin may become slightly dry or dehydrated during the winter months. To achieve a radiant shine, I recommend adding moisturizing ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid for extra hydration and ceramides to trap moisture.

For summer brides – or any seasonal bride – SPF is a non-negotiable to protect your skin from UVA/B rays. I also recommend using ingredients such as vitamin C to give your skin a healthy glow. Vitamin C can also help improve uneven skin tones, texture, fine lines, and acne scars, making it a perfect all-rounder for your Routine.

In your opinion, which treatments are the most effective, and how long before the wedding should a bride start her Routine to achieve maximum results?

At Skin Gym, we have created wedding packages that work from 12 months to 6 weeks before the wedding date. We believe that skin analysis is the cornerstone of a successful wedding skin, so we make sure that every client goes through this process to create their personalized program.

All our Treatments and Skincare are results-oriented. We use a combination of medical skincare and innovative high-tech treatments such as Sonophoresis, skin scrubs, LED light therapy, and Skinpen Skin Needling. You can read more about Skin Gym treatments here.

In an ideal world, we would work with a client 6-12 months before the wedding, as this gives enough time to see body changes on the skin.

What is your general advice for taking care of your skin before a wedding / preparing for an event?

First of all, I would recommend a thorough skin consultation with a skin therapist. There’s a minefield out there with hundreds of different products and one size doesn’t fit all, so I always suggest getting expert advice. It’s easy to access the good advice of a serious skin expert because many have now opened virtual consultations online.

Do not be tempted to try something too close to marriage. It takes about 10-12 weeks to see the results, so it could give way to residual redness until the previous week when it comes to the big day.

If your budget allows, you can afford regular monthly facials to intensify the results of treatment or improve your skin. If this is not the matter, do not worry, the cornerstone of healthy and radiant skin is a consistent skin diet. When you master your basic Routine, you are on the way to beautiful bridal skin.

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