Baroque Wedding At Queen’s House Looks Brilliant

The Queen’s House was the ideal setting for this contemporary wedding editorial inspired by the beauty and atmosphere of Baroque still lifes. Designed to evoke an organized setup for a painting, it’s like an artistic moment.

The location: The Royal Museums of Greenwich offer a number of unique historical locations for special occasions. The Queen’s House was originally designed by Inigo Jones for Anne of Denmark, the wife of James I. It houses the famous tulip Staircase, a spiral staircase that runs through the building under a glass lantern, the first unsupported central spiral staircase in the UK. From the 1670s, the Queen’s house was used as a residence for royal servants and artists. More recently, it has housed some of the museum’s finest works of art.

 The ambience: Layers of texture and light have brought this design to life, similar to a painting. Rich colors and luxurious details. The ambiance and color palette were inspired by the autumn-winter season, which is designed to highlight the beauty of a winter wedding. The seasonal colors of green green, deep violet, spectacular orange and red came to life with a touch of romantic roses, blush and copper-colored metal.

The details: the table landscape is a magical unity of classic and contemporary design. Lush velvet in gray and gold, matte forest silk and rust-washed linen. Wild and natural floral arrangements, textured bedding, antique brass containers and rustic dishes made of ironstone opposite cutlery made of shiny gold, stationery made of delicate parchment, sheets of smooth graphite and chic smoked glasses. Bloomology’s floral design has united the entire look and with British seasonal flowers, the overflowing urns are a work of art in themselves. For bridal looks, Charlie Brear designed the perfect gold – embellished dress-attractive and elegant-perfect for an evening winter wedding. And the modern Baroque bride would not be taken without her must-have accessories; huge pearls, shiny gold and a “more is more” attitude.

Tips and highlights:

Play with dark and rich autumn colors in a light and airy room.

Mix a contemporary and vintage style for a modern baroque aesthetic.

Add luxury accessories made of gold and pearls as an alternative to the traditional helmet.

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