Alluring Tuscan Villa Wedding Looks Awesome

The Vision of this romantic Villa wedding was born from the desire to combine history, beauty and nature in the picturesque hills of Tuscany. The creative team wanted to achieve an elegant and timeless style with a modern twist by combining unusual floral combinations with refined table decoration to offer a unique wedding experience.

Location: Villa La Commenda Concordia, Italy. Located an hour’s drive from Florence, this historic Villa is located in the beautiful Mugello Valley. The magnificent Villa, including its frescoes, has been restored in all its glory and a family of peacocks roams the exquisite gardens. This venue is suitable for children 12 years and older and can be rented for special events such as weddings.

The atmosphere: an devoted and elegant celebration in a beautiful location. This marriage is about being swept away for the time being. From the pretty stationery suite to the refined table landscape, there is a gentle beauty, synonymous with love and romance.

Die-Details: The main inspiration for this film was the delicate pink color palette. Different shades of soft pink and blush were superimposed with earthy decor elements and natural flowers. A few notes of orange, notes of green and Pops of purple have been added for contrast. Anthea Studio is passionate about the research and integration of natural and local elements in their beautiful floral installations.They used a beautiful pile of hops both for table decoration and for a breathtaking flower cloud that was installed in the Villa before the war. Clematis vitalba, figs, pumpkins, grapes, roses, Celosia and white pepper completed the original floral arrangement on the table.

Tips And Highlights:

Contrast and balance are essential when working with a color-based theme for your event, such as the use of pink in this film.

For a budget-friendly local feeling, consider if there are any site flowers that can be fed for your Arrangements. In the early morning, Anthea Studio took long walks in the hills around the Villa to collect natural and earthy elements that could be integrated into her Arrangements and came back with a real bonus.

Use local elements to highlight the beauty of the place. In this matter, the peacock feathers were collected on the property and incorporated into the flat and table arrangements.

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